This event has passed. Find the latest Vermont Code Camp info here.

2017 Schedule

The Vermont Code Camp 2017 schedule included sessions on a variety of software topics, including programming, databases, web and more.

Time Cloud, Data & IoT Room 221 Client, Mobile, Web & More Room 232 Languages & Practices Room 233 Security & DevOps Room 424 Soft Skills & Other Room 442
8:00am- 8:45am Registration
8:45am- 9:00am Welcome
9:00am- 10:00am Serverless Azure: A Gentle Introduction to Azure through a Serverless Lens Bill Wilder Using MySQL Workbench to Design and Build Databases Frank Canovatchel Functional JavaScript John Need DevOps: Why You Should Be Doing It and Where to Start Tobin Winters The Power of Networking Betsy Weber
10:15am- 10:45am Fast Chatbot Prototyping with Microsoft's Bot Framework & Node.js Linus Falck-Ytter Learning React/Redux Step-by-Step: MVPs and Motivation Josh Lee Forget Fonts: Why (and How) UX Practitioners Should Partner with Back-End Developers Amy Chess Platform Creation with Qt and Ubuntu Jereme Givens-Lamothe
11:00am- 12:00pm Azure IoT, DevOps and Edge Devices Bob Familiar Threat Modeling for Secure Software Design Robert Hurlbut Programming…with Kotlin Eric Smith Working Towards Active-Active Systems Peter Vile Invent With Code: Turning Young Inventors into Coders Lucie deLaBruere Shannon Walters
12:00pm- 1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm- 1:30pm Plants, Potions and People: Continuing Adventures in Scientific ETL Mitch Miller Vector Graphics in Xamarin Chris Miller Intro to Clojure Jeff Margolis A Developer's Guide to WordPress Josh Lee Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are PJ Hagerty
1:45pm- 2:45pm Cognitive Services in Xamarin Applications Veronika Kolesnikova Modular ASP.NET MVC Bob Crowley The Hickey Halloway Paradigm Aaron Cummings Working with Geospatial Data Kendall Fortney Adopt an Active Office Lifestyle Kendra Goudreau Iris Galvez
2:45pm- 3:15pm Break and Afternoon Snacks
3:30pm- 4:00pm Uncovering Bitcoin Shane Celis Go Offline First to Save the World Maureen McElaney Infinite Replay Value: Air Traffic Control Simulation Software and the Business Value of Event Sourcing Ben Glassman Why I Hate Your Responsive Website Everett McKay Bring Your Code to Life: Screencasting 101 Betsy Weber
4:15pm- 5:15pm Cloud (AWS) Migration at Kevin Thorley Offline Sync for Progressive Web Apps Bradley Holt My Opinion of Clean Code Andrew Champagne How File Upload Features a Security Risk and What You Can Do About It Brian Waters The Technical Art of Mead Making (and Other Fine Fermentations) Rob Friesel
5:15pm- 5:30pm Closing Remarks